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FAQs: Disputes and Refunds
FAQs: Disputes and Refunds

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FAQs: Disputes and Refunds
FAQs: Disputes and Refunds

Disputing a transaction

The dispute feature is a way for clients to clearly communicate to Service Provider that they are not happy with the way the transaction is handled.


·   Disputing a transaction doesn’t refund the payment.

·   When a transaction is disputed the status of the transaction changes to canceled.

·   Both the client and the service provider can review each other after a dispute.

If a client has disputed a transaction, it is up to the Service Provider or the Sherlock Zone customer support team to take action. In most cases, discussing with both the client and the service provider will help solve the situation. In some cases, a refund might be requested by the client. The refund needs to be processed manually.

How to refund a transaction after a dispute

In some cases, clients will ask for a refund after disputing a transaction. In PayPal only the Service Provider can refund the transaction.

Again, note that the dispute button does not automatically refund the payment.

Can transactions be automatically refunded?

No, a transaction cannot be automatically refunded when a dispute is made; a refund must always be manually handled.

Can Service Providers issue refunds with PayPal?

If a transaction goes wrong, clients might ask for a refund from Service Providers. With PayPal, this needs to happen in the Service Provider’s user account.

If something goes wrong, clients can cancel a transaction by clicking the dispute button and ask for a refund.

How to issue a refund

The Service Provider can issue a full refund to the client from their PayPal account. This means they need to log in at paypal.com, find the correct transaction and click full or partial refund depending on the case.

It means that if the whole transaction needs to be canceled and refunded, Sherlock Zone also needs to refund the transaction fee part to the Service Provider first (by similar way logging in to paypal.com and issuing the refund for the correct commission payment.)

Cancellations can affect the ratings of the Service Provider

The transaction fee of Sherlock Zone will be returned in all the cases where the client demands a refund. This causes extra effort to the Sherlock Zone team. Therefore, all refund requests are viewed seriously. Cancellations affect the ratings of the Service Provider.

Sherlock Zone, at its discretion may investigate the causes of the cancellations and may take appropriate action which may include the removal of the User and/or the Service Provider from the Sherlock Zone marketplace for violation of terms of service.

Is the PayPal payment processing fee refunded?

PayPal will refund the percentage portion of their fees for both transactions, but not the fixed fees. This means that, for each refund, both Sherlock Zone and the Service Provider will lose the fixed fee – see the fixed fee of your country here.

Benefits from PayPal protection

When users use PayPal, they are usually eligible for PayPal buyer & seller protection in case something goes wrong. See here for more information. (The protection program terms and conditions may vary slightly from country to country, so make sure to check your own country’s PayPal terms, as the above link might not redirect you accurately.)

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