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The BIG Decision Checklist Pack Insure Your Happily Ever After


The Big Day!

Undoubtedly marriage is THE biggest decision in life. And when it’s an arranged marriage, it’s not just a big decision, but a complicated decision. Everyone in your life wants a say! Because marriage not only brings two individuals together, it also brings together their extended families.


Frauds, frauds, all around

But in all the happy chaos, families can sometimes be too naive, hoping that the suitors and their families are also sincere, honest, and trustworthy. But that’s because they really aren’t aware of everything that could go wrong.

All around us, instances of suppression of vital information such as mental illness, sexual orientation, and marriages with ulterior motives are becoming common. In several Asian countries there are also rampant cases of forced arranged marriages to protect ‘family reputation,’ where one of the parties is kept blissfully unaware of the forced aspect of the marriage.

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These serious matrimonial frauds, shatter the trust, hopes and dreams of many young lives and their families. In most cases, they also go unpunished in the courts. To make matters worse, during litigation marital fraudsters evade and delay the court proceedings, further traumatizing their victims.

In the words of one such victim: “It’s like a sinking ship, you helplessly face it… You want to end it and move on. But they will not allow it. They will use all kinds of delaying tactics… You get old with each passing year and you helplessly pass through your 30’s and 40’s fighting for justice….I was sympathetic towards their situation, I fell for their story…I only wish today I had done my due diligence properly”


Modern society and the erosion of trust

Back in the day, the joint family system made it easy to rely on the collective wisdom of the family elders. Their finely honed instincts and sage, timely advice prevented much fraud. But with modern, nuclear families spread across the globe, this support system has become very weak. The reputation of a family is now difficult to establish, and the middlemen who gave unbiased information are also a thing of the past.


The need of the hour, a risk management checklist for arranged marriages

Trust, but Verify

Today, there is great risk in blindly trusting the opposite party. You need to make an informed decision by identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing all the risks involved. Sherlock Zone, a platform for competent risk management professionals helps you do just that.

Through extensive conversations with private investigators, lawyers, activists, and matrimonial fraud victims and their families, our researchers have identified three key areas you must discreetly investigate, before you make the biggest decision of your life. Our comprehensive matrimonial checklists include risk factors that could trigger a marriage breakdown, facts that are frequently suppressed or misrepresented during the courtship phase, and the most common ulterior motives behind cases of marital fraud.


Knowledge is power, get empowered now!

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take

90% marriages in India are arranged. Did you know that due to the increasing amount of matrimonial frauds, Indian Government issued guidelines to matrimonial websites to maintain a true identity evidence of all users signing up on these websites? If you look at the guidelines, they are more like a detective measure to identify the fraudster once the damage is done. What about frauds happening due to suppression or misrepresentation of information? There are no preventive measures in addressing frauds on these platforms!

Most people think that bad things happen only to others. But to prevent a mistake before it’s too late, it’s essential to spare no expense doing your due diligence. Seek advice and perspectives from the people who matter to you. But more importantly, fill in the gaps in your information about the suitors and their families. Use our checklists to direct a discreet private investigation into their antecedents and motives.


Pre-Matrimonial Fraud Prevention Kit

Get access to the most comprehensive guide available for conducting pre-matrimonial investigations in India. Our proprietary 36-point checklist was developed with the expert guidance of top private investigators, lawyers, activists, and real victims of matrimonial fraud. It will show you exactly what signs to look out for, what types of fraud are most common, and how to be sure you know the TRUTH about your future spouse.

Click the Download button below to download checklists essential to insure your happily ever. The checklists have been updated with the latest research. Download your copies today!

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